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Friday, March 25, 2005
  I just visited the worst blogger site in the whole world. The site has an eight hour window, five days a week to list or post. I can not but wonder how the people who set up the site can think all those people around the world who might want to make a comment are going to be up at two o'clock in the morning to post a comment. Talk about killing your reader response!

I must make a comment about the picture the blogger posted on that site. It was bad for the type of site and the data the blogger was trying to express. Not what one would expect of someone who was trying to promote what the editor wanted to promote.

When you blog keep in mind your target audience. Keep in mind your product (ideas are a product) you are trying to promote. Talking to the neighbor over the fence in your grundgies is different from talking to the world on your blog site. Unless you are a latent hippy or flower child and wanting to get in on the revolution your parents made and you missed, forget the grundge look.
It looks like more writers are coming on the scene now they don't have to wait for the publishing houses to groom them for their place as the next annointed author. On Demand Publishing allows anyone with a story to publish and distribute it to the public.

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