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Monday, August 04, 2003
  I'm changing the subject to ignorance and hate. It's easy to hate something when we don't know who or what it is we are hating. Ignorance always helps when one hates someone or some thing. Hate doesn't hurt the one it is directed at but it slowly eats the person who is carrying it. I had a real strong dose of hate directed at me the other day as someone I didn't know, assumed I was lesbian. The key words here are assumed and ignorance. Although I am not what the person assumed it was ignorance on their part to even think such a thing.

The two things that made it easy to hate me were ignorance and watching too much junk television. My advice to everyone is to give the benefit of the doubt before you know the situation and start assuming. Don't let television and magazines be your guide to life. Those mediums are there for one purpose, to make money. The more radical or glib they are then the more viewers the attract or the more readers they draw in to purchase their wares.

You want fiction? Buy a book for entertainment value. Hopefully you will know where to seperate fiction from fact there.
It looks like more writers are coming on the scene now they don't have to wait for the publishing houses to groom them for their place as the next annointed author. On Demand Publishing allows anyone with a story to publish and distribute it to the public.

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